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We are proud and honored to present to you the official website of the Lovely Ladies of Delta Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Delta Xi was the first African-American greek letter organization on The University of Texas at Austin campus. Our members have served the campus and Austin community for 52 years by awarding scholarships, offering poignant programs, hosting community service projects, and upholding a standard for academic excellence. This chapter has produced hundreds of dynamic women who uphold the chapter’s common goals of Excellence, Service and Progress. We continue to fulfill the dream, legacy and tradition of our 20 illustrious founders and of our beloved charter members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. We encourage you to learn more about our great sorority. Feel free to explore our newly updated website, and be inspired by our great legacy!

National Platform

Inspired by a dedicated investment of human capital and a bold commitment to the principles of basic human rights, we shall devote our talent and resources to this cause. Awareness, advocacy and action are the primary vehicles for the worldwide delivery of our service initiatives. We invite you to join us on this journey and accept this great mission: Global Leadership through Timeless Service.

National Programs

  1. Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) Initiatives ~ This signature program will impact the lives of 10,000 girls in grades six through eight by providing leadership development, civic engagement, enhanced academic preparation and character building. The increasing demands of the twenty-first century mandate our youth to be better leaders at a younger age making smart choices with positive consequences.
  2. Health Initiatives ~ These initiatives encourage personal fitness and healthy life styles. We will support organizations which advance access to treatment and coordinate awareness and advocacy campaigns to reduce health disparities, save lives and impact health related legislation. Co-sponsored health forums will address: diseases which disproportionately affect women and minorities, prevention and treatment options.
    1. Asthma Prevention and Management Initiative ~ This signature health program will benefit children and families enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start programs. The goal is early diagnosis, treatment awareness and parental education and advocacy.
    2. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability ~ This initiative, through community forums and activities, promotes strategies and awareness campaigns to encourage energy efficiency, conservation, eco-living, reforestation, urban gardening, education and empowerment of consumers with limited resources, “go green-living green” eco-tourism, opportunities for women owned businesses, environmental zones in urban communities and advocacy for and legislation related to public health and environmental justice.
  3. Global Poverty ~ The goals for this initiative are to end hunger, preserve the environment and empower women. The program will provide food production skills and training in self-reliance through gifts of seeds, livestock and training in environmentally sound agriculture. Education in sustainable food practices will make women equal partners in ending poverty and hunger. Alpha Kappa Alpha will continue its membership and consultative status with UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization). We have global partners for self-help projects and awareness campaigns within the United States and abroad.
  4. Economic Security Initiative ~ This effort expands the current programs related to wealth building and allocation of resources, home ownership, estate planning, support and empowerment of female owned businesses and urban enterprise zones.
  5. Social Justice and Human Rights Initiative ~ These initiatives will address gender equality issues including: human trafficking and domestic violence, services for children with incarcerated parents, youth aging out of foster care and children in homeless shelters. Voter empowerment; access to technology; training of parents as advocates for educational and health care needs of children and support of the arts will be emphasized.
  6. Internal Leadership Training for External Service Initiative ~ This initiative will afford Alpha Kappa Alpha members leadership training at all levels within the organization. It will serve as a catalyst for members to reach their fullest potential as skilled leaders in service to Alpha Kappa Alpha and other organizations and institutions.


Legacy Header

Delta Xi Undergraduate Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha

The Delta Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was the first Black Greek Letter Organization established at the University of Texas at Austin. Our beloved chapter charter members were among the first African-American students admitted to the University.

Delta Xi was chartered on the University of Texas at Austin campus on May 16, 1959, at high noon in the Queen Ann Room. The charter members were serenaded by members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. who were attending the University at that time. Over the years, Delta Xi has grown to be a leader in many ongoing service as well as social projects within the community. She is continously upholding the purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha and striving for unity and academic excellence.

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Fall 1959
Frankie Donahue
Belzora Lockett
June Singletary
Mellanese Slaughter

Fall 1963
Carolyn Briscoe
Mary Leonard

Fall 1964 
Marva LaGean Douglas
Jimmye Lee Hill
Arlette Iras Jones
Patricia Ann Roland

Spring 1965 
Grace Juanita Cleaver
Evelyn Janet Cotton
Betty Sue Davis
Betty Jean Devereaux
Janice Elaine Thayer
Mary Macreeda Watson
Barbara Jean Williams
Karen Verne Williams

Spring 1966 
Camilla Hall Jackson
Linda Lewis
Pam Johnson
Ruth Elaine Franklin
Carolyn Cole
Elsie Marshall
Shirley Tennyson
Mary Kathleen Gordon
Karen Hawkins
Barbara Douglas
Mary Birdsong
Debbera Haywood

Fall 1966 
Arleen Lawson
Vivian Mays Hill
Brenda Wilkins

Spring 1967 
Connie Pullman Washington
Joyce Strickland
Vonciel Jones Hill

Spring 1968 
Mary McCloud
Linda Mumphrey
Glo Dean Baker
Rosalind Wilkins
Rosalind Bullock

Spring 1970 
Traffic Stoppers 
Sherlita D. Lee
Gwen Wilson Cash
Linda Rutherford Malone
Bobbie Fowler

Spring 1971 
Carol L. Adams
Linda Harvey
Denise Williams

Spring 1972 
Fourth Movement 
Debra Jackson
Deborah Earls

Fall 1972 
Temperatures Rising 
Jackie Edwards
Melody Keely
Barbara Spears
Ercell Holmes
LaVerie McDonald
Ethelene McCullough
Day Tasby

Spring 1973 
Sexy Seasons 
Sherilyn Haller
Sandra E. Johnson
Patricia L. Johnson Alaman
Beverly Anderson Bradshaw

Spring 1974 
Seven Gems 
Deborah Washington
Debra Franklin
Stephanie Griffin
Linda Reed

Spring 1975 
Elements of Love 
Renee Height
Janet Jack
Terry Ervin

Fall 1975 
Mellow Touches of Blackness
Charlene Hubbard
Kassie Duncan Gossom
Georgia Edmondson
Wanda Richard Williams
Esteen Williams
Angela Bell

Spring 1976
Spring Fever
Meredith Canada
Cynthia Sadler
Lorraine Hood

Fall 1977
The Spices of Life
Hatti Pace
Ramona L. Writt
Patsy Dawkins
Mamie Hogue
Robin Jacquet
Nedra E. Bickham
Patricia Bell
Debra Harris
Pamela D. Everhart
Jana G. Nickerson
Linda McIntosh Todd
Donna Blackshear Reynolds
Sheila Campbell
Rosemary Caleco
Debra Willis

Spring 1978
Weda Ross
Wreatha Castille
Vicki Hayes
Andrea Sargent
Charlotte Davis
Gwendolyn Stallins
Karen Cooper
LaCheryl Fitzpatrick
Rhoda Darden
Elizabeth Benford

Spring 1979
Memorable Moments of the Day
Sabrina Dightman
Cheryl Lee
Lavon Willis
Chaundra Grattan
Christine Gary
Marilyn McDonald

Spring 1980
Essence of Affection
Sonya Stamsley
Yolanda Phelps
Tammy Jack
Mary King
Julie Cotton
Janice Shelton
Angela Davis

Fall 1980
Elements of the Universe
Gena Bell
Barbara Dugas
Kim Willis
Kathy Scott

Spring 1981
Sheila Andrews
Michele Bibby

Spring 1982
Shades of Elegance
Valenaa Gail Jones
Natalie Michele Duven
Traci Siobhan Wilcots
Lehua Tanner
Michele Jackson
Ramona Richardson
Mattye Ann Gouldsby
Willetta Marie Shepherd
Wanda Joyce Bean

Fall 1982
Ecstasy Unlimited
Lorraine Flakes
Toni Johnson Crawford
Natalie Walker Jones

Spring 1983
Precious Stones
Montecella Davis
Chante Simpson
Bonnie Prosser Elder
Michelle Wooten
Lejune Embry

Fall 1983
Confectionary’s Delight
Bridget Ward
Rosalind Oliphant
L’Sheryl Hudson
Jackie Cato
Angela Walker
Jocelyn Woodard

Spring 1985
The Toast of the Town
Karen Armstead
Teresa Govan
Faye Wright
Sonji Herron
Juanita Jackson
Thea Williams
Phyllis Foley
Lisa Beth Hogan
Andrea Watson
Jocelyn Waller
Lisa Mouton

Fall 1985 
Elegant Fragrances
Sonya Ross
Darlene Foster
Faith Stone
Mia Knight
Tatia Randolph
Andrea Bardwell
Kimberly Agnew

Spring 1986 
Sweet Classic Melodies
Adrienne Bell
Elizabeth Davis
DeLisa Collins
Karla Price
Cheray Womack
Richelle Easley
Vickie Blanton
Yolanda Woods
Daphne Burton
Barbara Randall
Tammy Jacobs
Traci Washington
Irvinee Marcellous
Sandra Carr

Spring 1987 
The Spice of Life
Meta Bradley
Charlea McNeil
Janice Bradley
Laura Herbert
Nicole Brewer
Teresa Henderson
Kimberley Haynes
Gwendolyn Gabriel
Deanna Dewberry
Raquel Mohl
Kathryn Arnold
Iris Grattan

Fall 1987
LaTrece McCarty
Jackie Preston
Tiffany Turner

Spring 1989 
Sweet Sixteen
Jaimi Huff
Beverly Davis
Finisha Waits
Nikelle Meade
Lois Poe
Terra Delaney
Sharon Bennett
Clemelia Humphrey
Leslie Young
Camille Russell
Armendia Pierce
Christi Stradford
Deirdre Ricketts
ReShonda Tate
Kimberly Patterson
Kristie King

Spring 1990 
Seven Scents from Heaven
Kimberly Walker
Lura Dudley
Kim Holley
Raquelle Wooten
Katrina McReynolds
Kandace Pritchett
Stephanie Jenkins

Spring 1991 
The 14 Carats
Mavis Newsome
Erika Smith
Meredith Williams
Kendra Jenkins
Chelleta Watkins
Charlotte Dimery
Yolanda Logan
Cheronda Harrell
Sonja McShan
Tanya Battle
DeShondra Williams
Nicole Wyatt
Stephanie Dukes
Sabrina McReynolds

Spring 1992 
Eleven Blossoms of Spring
Yolanda Coney
Ashleigh Shelby
Nichole Russell
Vanessa Bailey
Angela Marshall
Twiana Collier
Karen Allen
Jennifer Ellison
Karen Flanagan
Monica Clay
Angela Williams

Spring 1993 
Essence of ’08 
Vanessa Bolls
Natesha Wyrick
Stephanie Scott
LaWanda Evans
Heather Ross
Suneese Haywood
Charnette Page
Seanna Sturdivant

Spring 1994 
Perfect Ten 
Johnelle Matthews
Tyra Metoyer
Tracie Barbeneaux
Youshawna Harris
LaTrina Hunt
Melissa Huling
Khadeja Salley
Karima Archer
Tiffany Maultsby
Yvette Mitchell

Fall 1994 
Simply Sixsational
Tejuana Edmond
Yvette Tims
Chantay Sanders
Veronica Jones
Franchell Robertson
Suzy Sullivan

Spring 1995 
Phenomenal Five 
Tracee Hightower
Finesia Brewer
Diana Delaney
Jasmine Broadus
Elaine Williams

Spring 1996 
007: A View To Kill 
LaNetra Lary
Diontha Fancher
Zakiya Thomas
Tamara Bertrand
Erika Houston
Kacey Thomas
Demetris Williams
Toni Rencher
Andrea Washington
Saki Milton
Stefanie Alexander
Anithia Oliver
Jorien Robertson
Judith Reed

Spring 1998 
A Silver Lining 
Domonique McClendon
Brandie Steadham
Alisha Barron
Christina Estes
Tiesha Mines
Lisa Buzenas
Nadirah Al-Uqdah
Angela Hurdle
Adebola Lufadeju
Shanna Gauthier
Alice Yarbrough
Kimberly Abbage
Qiana Daniels
Kanny Aluka
Keyani Dedmon
Erayne Gee
LaToya Woods
Nakia Gray
Stefanee Gibson
Judith Okani
Rhodeshia Johnson
Marquea White
DeAnna Luster
Shalandys Anderson
Charee “Toni” Harrison

Spring 1999 
Truly Captiveighting 
Taya Williams
Brea Cola
Jearine Willoughby
Asheley Odom
Krissah Williams
Raina Auzenne
Chemise Walker
Jamie Mathis

Spring 2000 
Tanya Bowie
Latecia Coleman
Rochelle Brown
Bella Gabice
Keisha Zackery
Shavonne Henderson
Carli Jones
Lea Hayman

Spring 2001
April Butler
Angela Johnson
Dartinya Harris
Tiffany Dixon
Krystal Bowman
Tia Taylor
Angela Oramasionwu
Princess King

Spring 2002
Nakeenya Haynes
Melissa Darjean
Crystal Lockhart
Tiffany Norris
Mattie Augustine
Raqisha Smith
Semhar Ghebremichael
Michelle Henry
Moushaumi Robinson
Deshawn Oliver
Vernitra Jones

Fall 2003
Ashlee Kegler
Japera Levine
Tekisha Scott
Colet Williams

Spring 2004
Danielle King
Nikki Starr
Amy Ohen
Sparkle Anderson
Pamela O’Kehie
Candice Johnson

Spring 2005
Kristina Minnifee
Shannon Joseph
Laide Ashimi
Courtney Smiter

Fall 2007
The Emergence
Sheniqua Drakeford
Tasheka Pritchett
Miracle Simpson
Tamala Freeman
Chameckia Banks
Amber Haley
Laura Izuegbu
Etherial Edetan
Travette Webster
Albany Willis

Spring 2009
The Refined 9
Candrea McMillian
Tearra Brown
Crystal Spears
Jennifer Hannah
Amanda Sunny
Jessica Hannah
Ahsika Sanders
Jasmine Haynes
Uwana Akpan

Spring 2010
6IX Degrees of SophistAKAtion
Rhea Fluker
Kinnisha Joseph
Simone Collier
Maria Laura Ituah
Alexis George
Tyler Kiles

Spring 2011
Perfect Heartbr8k: A9ainst All Odds
Krystal Hawkins
Tedra Jacobs
Olivia Wiley
Quincy Mitchell
Genesis Moore
Aisha Begum
Aysha Welch
Jasmine Powell
Amanda Sargent

Fall 2012
Beauti4ul Harmony
Jennifer Ekeh
Taryn Bright
Katora Thomas
Taylor Turner

Spring 2013
Intensified AKAsion
Chloe Airhart
Erica Oliver
Simone Roberts
Jaeci Roberts
Kelsea Wilkerson
Samayia Sneed
Alicia B. Johnson
Taylor Miller
Michelle Sparks
Courtney Durr
Jadesola Ajose
Ashley Webb
Keneshia Colwell
Kimberly Lewis
Zamaria John

  • Jennifer Ekeh

    Jennifer Ekeh newMajor: Pre-Nursing

    Favorite Quote: “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as beautiful as you ever imagined”

  • Taryn Bright

    Taryn Bright newMajor: Spanish Teaching

    Favorite Quote: “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

  • Taylor Turner

    Taylor Turner newMajor: Broadcast Journalism & Political Communications
    Favorite Quote:  ”Take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”

National History

National History HeaderDelta Xi History Header

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is the oldest Greek-letter organization established in America by Black college women. The record of its origin, growth and development, activities, evolving goals and accomplishments is more than an interesting chronicle of a colorful bit of college-based Americana. It is, rather, a significant and inspiring reflection of the development of a minority group in a changing culture.

On January 15, 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. became America’s first Greek-letter organization established by and for Black women. Her roots date back to Howard University, Washington, D.C., where the idea for formation was conceived by Ethel Hedgeman Lyle of St. Louis, Missouri. She viewed the Sorority as an instrument for enriching the social and intellectual aspects of college life by providing mental stimulation through interaction with friends and associates. Through the years, however, Alpha Kappa Alpha’s functioning has become more complex. After her incorporation as a perpetual body in 1913, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. gradually branched out and became the channel through which selected college-trained women improved the social and economic conditions in their city, state, nation and world.

Today, that tradition has continued–internationally, nationally and locally. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. cultivates and encourages high scholastic and ethical standards; promotes unity and friendship among college women; alleviates problems concerning girls and women; maintains a progressive interest in college life; and serves all mankind through a nucleus of more than 170,000 women in over 900 chapters.

For more information, visit our national website: aka1908.com